I am a developer of mobile apps

If you develop applications, HUNT Mobile Ads can help you to earn more money. By integrating just a few lines of code, you can connect with hundreds of advertisers around the world to provide relevant ads to their application users.

and want to monetize my apps with advertising

HUNT makes easier your revenue generation with your mobile app. Monetize your app with advertising served by HUNT.

HUNT has SDKs for the most popular mobile operating systems for you to integrate our service in your app in the most simple way.

You can download the SDKs by clicking in the above images. Within the download package you will find documentation and example code.

Remember to register in HUNT Control Panel, since you will need to have the site and zone IDs provided there to configure your implementation correctly.
If any of our SDKs are useful for you, you can use our Ad Request REST API to request ads for your app. You can read more HERE.