Infographic: Mobile Applications, the current state of this industry

The explosion of mobile devices caused an increase in mobile apps usage.  At the same time, this high mobile apps adoption increased the demand of tablets and smartphones, making people spend much more time in their mobile devices. In consequence, obtaining a high consumer engagement with the mobile ecosystem and all brands and products involved in it.

We all know gaming is the strongest category that generates the most revenue, although consumers are allocating much more “mobile time” on other application categories, such as travel, shopping, banking and social.
The fastest-growing consumer mobile app category is mobile social networking.

There are great apps for all kinds of mobile devices to keep attention, entertain, and assist customers.

With mobile applications market growing so much and so fast, mobile advertising is taking advantage of this, since mobile ads are very well received and requested by consumers to keep in touch with their preferred brands.

In this infographic you will see how the mobile apps have evolved, their growth and how we integrate them in our days.